The X3 sweeping, suction and dragging integrated robot has been recognized by both the official and market users of China State Grid

Multi-dimensional exploration and innovation, INXNI was listed within 3 months and won the “2022 Appliance Innovation Retail Excellent Case Award

In July 2022, the “2022 China Home Appliance Innovation Retail Summit” jointly hosted by China State Grid and GfK China under the guidance of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. INXNI successfully won the “2022 Home Appliance Innovation Retail Excellent Case Award” award, and the innovative exploration of the brand within 3 months of listing was recognized by the official and the market.

With the theme of “No Domain, Promising, Symbiosis”, the summit invited a number of heavyweight industry leaders, economists, marketing experts, etc. to discuss the predicament and Opportunities to explore more ideas and ways for the industry. At the same time, through the selection activity of “China Home Appliance Innovation Retail Case Award”, we will explore existing excellent solutions, commend innovative ideas in the field of new retail, and create a new pattern of home appliance innovation retail, so as to promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry.

In 2022, INXNI will be a cutting-edge brand in China’s home appliance innovation retail industry due to its innovative attempts and outstanding achievements in lean manufacturing, channel optimization, brand re-engineering, marketing and publicity, and environmental concerns, combined with the opinions of expert judges. After the evaluation, it won the honor of “2022 Home Appliance Innovation Retail Excellent Case Award”, which has explored a new way for the industry to deal with crisis and opportunity.

Breakthrough innovation of brand founders

Ye Lirong, the founder of INXNI, is a typical second-generation post-90s generation, young and courageous, with many independent and successful entrepreneurial experiences, and won the title of the 4th “Shenzhen New Generation Entrepreneurship Man”. At the age of 22, he was ordered in danger, leading the company to start this advanced exploration of turning crisis into opportunity.

Before the founding of INXNI, based on the profound technical barriers and intelligent manufacturing capabilities accumulated by its parent company Yinxing Intelligent for 17 years, as well as the support of the world’s top 500 supply chain system, Ye Lirong proposed the “OPM business model” for the first time in the industry. , research and development, intelligent manufacturing, and the creation of a perfect market service system, systematically empowering the industry, promoting the healthy and efficient development of the overall ecology, and improving the communication and operation efficiency of enterprises. It is an innovative model that has passed the test of time.

When INXNI first took shape, Ye Lirong firmly stated that he would “make products with user thinking”. Technological innovation is not the only criterion for product innovation, and it is not enough to rely on technological research and development to promote product upgrades. For users, innovation that can solve problems is effective innovation. Innovation is not to follow the trend of “showing off skills”, but to better serve consumers and truly solve consumers’ pain points. The technology upgrade and function superposition that are separated from the needs of users will only aggravate the involution. The original intention of INXNI is to be user-oriented, break the volume and break the situation, and be a practical and innovative brand.

Innovative exploration of brand proposition

After Generation Z entered the wave of consumption, new consumer brands have sprung up like mushrooms after a spring rain, and new fashion trends have been continuously set off. From the very beginning of the brand’s establishment, INXNI has focused on the female group who loves life. Based on the needs of users for product functions, emotions, and communication value in the current era, I hope to use a more aesthetic and younger attitude. On the other hand, it simplifies the life of users and improves the quality of life of users in other places, but does not fall into the torrent of mass consumption upgrades, but rather presents innovative intelligent technology to the public.

Whether in terms of brand concept, brand positioning, or visual identity, new explorations are presented within. As a company focusing on the research and development and intelligent manufacturing of whole-house intelligence and intelligent pet robots, it pays attention to the overall ecology related to people, and is committed to creating whole-house intelligent interconnected AIoT products between people, people and pets, and people and space. Build a new future home intelligent ecology, innovatively lead and realize people’s vision for a better life in the future. Through in-depth user insights, cutting-edge product aesthetics and solid R&D and manufacturing capabilities, it will provide users with a smarter life with a more aesthetic attitude.

Taking visual recognition as an example, the newly launched Nei X3 sweeping, suction and dragging robot in three colors, namely camellia white, cherry blossom powder and iris blue, has won the hearts and praises of a large number of users since its launch, which makes smart home products more attractive. In addition to the basic functional services, it also produces a higher level of aesthetic and emotional value. While enriching the user experience, it also upgrades the perception of smart products in the minds of the public, making aesthetic visual identity the soft power of the brand.

Innovative advantages of technology patents

We have to agree that R&D innovation and technical barriers are necessary conditions to enhance brand competitiveness. Ye Lirong, the founder of INXNI, said: To be a consumer brand that more young users choose, it is necessary to improve the cost performance of products, and with accurate user demand insight, strong R&D support and supply chain support are also essential. Unlike most new sweeper brands on the market, INXNI was incubated by Yinxing Intelligence, one of the largest and earliest cleaning robot solution providers in China.

Yinxing Intelligent is a 2B enterprise with 17 years of R&D, manufacturing and sales. It has profound patented technology and intelligent manufacturing capabilities. According to the export data of China Customs in 2020, 1 out of every 4 sweeping robots exported by China’s ODMs The station is from Yinxing Intelligence. This lays the foundation for the unique technical advantages within the company, which are also not available to many niche brands. Due to its deep moat advantage, it has completed B+ and B++ rounds of financing in 2021, which is favored by many leading capitals.

At present, INXNI and its parent company, Yinxing Intelligent, have more than 800 domestic and foreign innovation patents, with thousands of patents pending, ranking second in China and third in the world. These include advanced SLAM algorithm, AI recognition, sensor fusion, IoT, cloud platform application and other technical patents; in the structural design of the sweeping robot, the platform-based complete machine, modular construction and ultra-thin body design are all held by INXNI Core patents and high technical barriers. Therefore, the intelligent cleaning products defined within INXNI can naturally break out in the endless track of innovation.

Breakthrough innovation in product definition

Before the launch of the new product, it took two years to conduct in-depth research on more than 100 households in 6 major cities in China, and gain insight into more real and concrete user needs and pain points – not only need excellent cleaning ability, but also need less participation or no hands-on. Clean and free. For the brand side, it is more simple and in-depth to free users from repetitive and time-consuming cleaning tasks, which is the essence for new brands to break through in the fiercely competitive track.

At present, the more mainstream base station-type products in the sweeper industry have promoted the upgrading of the industry in terms of intelligence, and can replace the user’s manual dust collection and mop cleaning, but the negative effects brought about by progress are also emerging. In addition to its own price of three or four thousand, the fuselage takes up more space and is not friendly to small and medium-sized apartments; in addition, the cleaning of the sewage tank has become another difficulty, and there are also derived problems such as incomplete cleaning of the mop and time-consuming and energy-saving drying. It is not suitable for the real needs of young consumers.

Based on this, the company has introduced the concept of “daily disposable cleaning” into the sweeper industry, and brought users a simpler and more cost-effective cleaning experience with “ready-to-use daily disposable mopping cloth”:

  1. No need for the user to wash the dirty mop by hand, saving worry and effort;
    Second, there is no need to add an additional 2,000 yuan to pay for the base station, and there is no need to face the associated troubles, saving trouble and money.

By eliminating the need for the inner X3 sweeping robot in the base station, more resource costs can be invested in the core technology and structural optimization of the product. The inner X3 sweeping robot is equipped with a new generation of LDS lidar navigation and obstacle avoidance technology commonly found in mid-to-high-end models, making the sweeping robot’s path planning more accurate and scientific, and the cleaning process more comfortable and smooth. In terms of cleaning method, the inner X3 uses a patented sweeping, suction and dragging integrated module, which can complete all cleaning steps in one trip; the additional 600ml super-powered dust box not only conforms to the “lazy” hands of young people It is also very friendly to pet users, avoiding the daily dust box; and 10N pressurized double turntable rotating mop, 2000Pa cleaning suction, 99.9% antibacterial special cleaning solution; while achieving high efficiency and convenience, it also improves its efficiency and convenience. The cleaning effect further enhances the product cost performance and competitive advantage. The launch has attracted the attention of many experts and celebrities, and the Nei X3 robot vacuum cleaner has received positive market feedback within two months of its launch.

Extended innovation of user services

The concept of “user-centered” requires users to feel the product from all aspects of product use, and also needs to allow users to experience directly from related services. “Free door-to-door installation service” is also an innovation within INXNI that can quickly gain user recognition.

Based on the previous research and insights of more than 100 households within INXNI, the results show that many office workers also want to help their parents free their hands and let them enjoy the convenience brought by smart technology, but they have to give up because of installation and operation difficulties. . As a new brand in the emerging smart home category, from the day of its establishment, it has been positioned to enhance users’ experience of smart robots from the perspective of service innovation.

Based on the user-first concept, we started to build a door-to-door service team from the first step in the launch of our products. Through the strict selection of professional third-party service providers and the implementation of strict course training and practical assessment in accordance with its own standards, a high-standard service team has finally been built, becoming the first company in the industry to provide users with “free door-to-door installation services”. “The brand, the current service scope has covered more than 500 cities.

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