Say goodbye to
household cleaning

INXNI X3 sweep vacuum mop
3 in 1 robot

Daily disposable makes cleaning no longer cumbersome

Dual Pads Mopping Floor At 10N Pressure

Human hands imitated mopping


Dual pads rotating

LDS LIDAR Navigation

Accurate identification, intelligent mapping no matter in day or night

Store Up To 5 maps

Auto back to station recharge

Restricted areas setting easily

No more death corner for


Easily overcome the barrier

up to 2cm

More highlightings for X3

Disposable Cleaning Pads

No need to wait for pads drying

No need to daily maintain accessories


Traditional Back-To-Station

Painful to clean filter and waste water tank

Not clean thoroughly after recycle using

Wait for 2-6 hrs to rinse pads

Occupies large space

Accessories For X3

Side Brushes*2pcs

Mopping Pads*4pcs

Cleaning Solution*1pc

Dust Bin*1pc



INXNI X3 can clean your floor deeply with sweepping in front/vacuuming in middle/mopping at the end. Daily disposable pads will bring you a joyful experience without spending lots of time or money paid to clean the pads.

Yes, we have our own-brand cleaning solution to promote the cleaning performance and friendly to kids and pets at home.

Yes, we design the disposable cleaning pads as environment-friendly. However depands on your surface situation, you could rinse and reuse the cleaning pads if they weren’t too much dirty.