Daily disposable cleaning, a shortcut to liberate users’ hands

Daily disposable cleaning broadens the development track of the industry and gives consumers new choices

In the past two years, under the background of uncertainties such as pressure on shipping, rising raw material prices, and epidemic siege, home appliance companies have collectively moved forward under pressure. The “2022 First Quarterly Report of China’s Home Appliance Industry” pointed out that my country’s traditional home appliance categories had a slightly sluggish start in the first quarter, but in sharp contrast, innovative categories received widespread attention from consumers.
In the post-epidemic era, new business opportunities have emerged under the new retail format, and traditional home appliance companies are also actively transforming. Technological innovative enterprises represented by clean electrical appliances have realized the combination of technology and industry. The emergence of smart products such as sweeping robots and washing machines has brought revolutionary changes to people’s lifestyles. In response to this new phenomenon of new cleaning methods, a reporter from China State Grid interviewed Sun Jinning, general manager of Shenzhen Nei Innovation Technology Co., Ltd., to listen to him explain the current development environment and trends of clean electrical appliances, as well as the disruptive cleaning launched by Nei’s domestic sweeping robot industry. Program.

Traditional home appliances VS clean appliances, is it corporate thinking or user thinking?

In the past two years, emerging industries represented by smart and clean household appliances have risen rapidly. Their innovations from the perspective of users have driven the development of the industry and have also been widely recognized by the market.
On this point, Sun Jinning has a deep feeling. He said: As a person who has been deeply involved in the field of traditional home appliances for decades, he has witnessed the brilliance of traditional home appliances and the fatigue of traditional home appliances now. In the field of smart cleaning appliances, on this technologically innovative track, we can deeply understand the development and changes of the two markets.
“Product innovation is the primary productive force of an enterprise, and it is also the best means to impress users. However, whether to innovate from the perspective of enterprises or to innovate from the perspective of users are two different perspectives and directions.” Sun Jinning told China State Grid The reporter mentioned that the difference in the starting point of product innovation is the biggest difference between traditional household appliances and clean electrical appliances.
Now that my country’s market has entered a period of change, consumer psychology has also undergone tremendous changes. Using traditional corporate thinking to make products will only lead to deeper predicaments. Emerging technology-based companies do product innovation from the perspective of users. It has been verified and recognized by the market. “Actually, it can be seen that many companies are now transforming to user thinking, including traditional TV, refrigerator, washing machine companies, etc., attaching importance to user thinking, making the market more dynamic, and getting more recognition from consumers. “
Throughout the clean electrical industry, it has distinct innovation attributes, and the existing products are far from the ideal state, mainly due to the functional innovation brought about by the increase in R&D investment by enterprises, and product upgrades have no end. The industry as a whole is also full of opportunities, and new brands will continue to emerge and expand rapidly, but this opportunity is more inclined to companies with R&D potential and technological innovation capabilities.
“The premium capacity of clean electrical appliances is also generally high, which can be seen from the financial reports of companies in the industry.” Sun Jinning said that the profit system of clean electrical appliances is better than that of traditional household appliances, and clean electrical appliances companies also pay attention to R&D and the market and invest. Continuing to increase, driving the current market value performance of the industry’s significant growth.

Products have been innovating, but are consumers’ needs being met?
The technological innovation of cleaning appliances can be seen in the new products in the past two years. For example, the accessories are two-in-one, the dust removal nozzle and the mite-removing nozzle are multi-purpose; the functions are two-in-one, sweeping, suction, and dragging in one; UV ultraviolet rays, silver ions, ozone and other sterilization functions are widely used in products. Under the general trend of overall intelligence in home appliances, functions such as intelligent interaction, self-cleaning, and voice control are also implemented in cleaning electrical products, such as AI recognition, which solves the obstacle avoidance problem of sweeping robots for small objects; the path planning function makes the product more Intelligently and efficiently complete cleaning tasks in complex home environments; the self-cleaning charging base automatically cleans the mop after each mopping, freeing hands gradually.
The advancement of these functions has indeed made a qualitative leap in sweeping robot products. However, when enterprises are innovating, they should always alert themselves and abandon their inherent corporate thinking. Is the direction of innovation right? Is it what consumers really need?
“Looking at the current sweeping robots, companies are superimposing cleanliness and intelligence. This is actually a micro-innovation, and the core upgrade is not obvious.” Sun Jinning said that when he made consumer insights before, he found that users were actually There are obvious pain points in the use of the product.
The first is that users are hesitant about the intelligence of the sweeping robot. “This hesitancy is not because everyone has not seen the innovation and progress of the product at the software level, but because after many iterations, it is still far from the imagination of consumers. There is a distance, it can not let consumers really get rid of their hands, such as cleaning rags, although the suction and drag all-in-one machine has appeared in the past two years, but manual cleaning of the machine is still a painful process, which is not a perfect cleaning solution. “2021 Robot Vacuum Cleaner White Paper” (hereinafter referred to as the White Paper) survey data also shows that 65% of consumers hope that robot vacuum cleaners can completely replace manual labor.
The second is the hair entanglement problem. Although there are adhesive brush-type innovative products, for now, the entire industry has not solved this problem well, and consumers need to spend more time to deal with it. “It’s about making it easier for consumers to solve problems, not create problems.”
On the other hand, from the perspective of the consumer side, with the launch of base station products, the product price of sweeping robots is also rising. The white paper survey found that 31.6% of the respondents can accept the price of 1,000-1,500 yuan, and 32.7% of the respondents can accept the price of 1,501-2,000 yuan. In 2021, the average price of sweeping robots has reached 2,048 yuan, which to a certain extent has raised the purchasing threshold of consumers.
In this regard, Sun Jinning said that although the industry’s volume and price are flying together, everyone is happy to see it, but this trend is not a healthy state of an industry. To improve the quality of life brought by smart cleaning. “Price is an important factor affecting consumer purchases, and what we want to see is a robot vacuum that makes people’s lives better, not just a few.”
The second is the product experience, so that consumers can truly feel the utility of the sweeping robot. The market of sweeping robots is a typical market where supply creates demand. Some consumers may have more free time and think that cleaning the floor can be done by themselves. Consumers set aside more time and freedom to do more meaningful things. “Consumers don’t necessarily know that they have such a need, but the product will tell you with action that this is your need.”

Daily disposable cleaning broadens the development track of the industry and gives consumers new choices
Based on the above, what kind of products can meet the needs of most consumers? Based on the current situation that the needs of most consumers have not been met, starting from the real needs of users, the “daily disposable cleaning” solution has been used to redefine the sweeping robot, bringing a new direction to the sweeping robot category.
“In fact, the daily-disposable concept is available in many industries, but this is the first time that it has been introduced into robotic sweeping products.” Sun Jinning further explained that there are many ways to clean, in addition to the cleaning of the ground, the cleaning of the machine itself is also very important. The key point is that base station products are not the only choice. We hope that the daily disposable cleaning X3 sweeping, suction and mopping robot can fill a market gap with the replacement of the disposable mop and the price drop of the product. Really benefit the public.

In addition, observing the appearance of current products contains a full sense of technology, but it lacks a little aesthetics and temperature. “Now in the sweeping robot industry, people have not regarded aesthetics as a label, and the innovation of the industry is still in a relatively safe dimension.” And the X3 product, because of its innovative macaron color matching, has won the favor of users , and also broke through the inherent cold industrial style of the industry, adding a touch of beautiful color to the industry.

Now that there are products that meet the needs of consumers, how to reach consumers? It not only pays attention to user needs, but also pays more attention to user experience. Through refined user operation and private domain system construction, we can directly talk to consumers, break through space and time to provide free door-to-door services, so that consumers can immediately perceive the convenience of product functions and services. “The advertising investment in the early stage is to gain the attention and recognition of consumers, and the following services are the beginning of the real connection between enterprises and consumers. This is the basis for motivating enterprises to maintain development momentum, and it is also a symbiosis and growth with users, and then The necessary way to capture long-term value for users.

The 48-hour free door-to-door service, which was launched within the industry’s first initiative, helps users to complete installation, network distribution, App connection and other services within 30 minutes, which minimizes the user’s learning cost, so as to experience the benefits brought by the intelligent cleaning method earlier. of happiness. In Sun Jinning’s opinion, a technologically innovative product such as a sweeping robot does not have many operational thresholds for young people, but for the elderly, there are obviously certain barriers to use. With the advent of an aging society, sweeping robots will also have more room for development. The market cannot be abandoned because the elderly will not use them. Therefore, they hope to improve the lives of consumers with such a warm service. quality. At present, Nei has built a high-standard service team, covering more than 500 cities.

On the other hand, at a time when online channels such as e-commerce and private domains are becoming more and more important, the layout of offline channels has been stepped up internally. “Sweeping robots are very lacking in physical sensation offline. We penetrate the community to allow consumers to perceive the product, and to see and experience the product in nearby stores. For enterprises, this is a tight closed loop. Now, the product has more channels to show its advantages, but what is needed behind this is to have enough accumulation to complete the product iterative innovation and improve the user experience. In the sweeping robot, this consumer has not yet formed a very strong In the segmented areas with strong brand awareness, as long as the R&D capability can keep up, there will be many opportunities.”
At present, consumers’ expectations for sweeping robot products have been upgraded from a single cleaning function to a composite product that cleans space and superimposes aesthetic remodeling. The three-dimensional cleaning of the space is precisely the precise insight and fit of consumer needs, which will surely bring more imagination and direction to the clean electrical circuit. At the end of the interview, Sun Jinning concluded, “The original intention of our brand is to provide consumers with more exciting products, and at the same time, to allow more consumers to enjoy the scientific and technological achievements in this intelligent age.”
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