Deep Wash Super absorbent Penetrating Whole House Cleaning Household Cleaning All-rounder

  • [Three-dimensional cleaning] 5 types of vacuuming accessories: vacuum cleaner, mite remover, hand suction (2 in 1 wide flat suction, long flat suction), extension rod
  • [Battery life] 4000mAh battery, 40min in smart mode and 25min in powerful mode
  • [Applicable area] Applicable to a large area of 200m2
  • [Water tank capacity] 800ml clean water tank, 700ml sewage tank
  • [Main engine motor] 16000pa suction, 70000 motor speed
  • 【Intelligent frequency conversion】Light dirty and light washing, heavy dirty and heavy washing, the smart gear can adjust the suction according to the dirt situation.
  • [Double antibacterial in the clean water tank] The clean water tank is equipped with an electrolytic water sterilization module, and the tap water is used to prepare a sterilizing solution, which can sterilize 99.99% of bacteria;
  • The sewage tank is added with nano-zinc oxide antibacterial material, which can inhibit bacteria for a long time in the sewage tank.
  • [One-button self-cleaning] Centrifugal drying + air drying, no need to manually clean the roller brush
  • [Flowing water spray] 16 sprays
  • [Smart screen display] 4 modes (smart/powerful/water absorption/sterilization) real-time status at a glance
  • 【Host Size】2702701100mm
  • 【Main unit weight】4.5kg

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