Within INXNI, what is broken is not the circle, but the volume

The atypical entrepreneurial path of the typical second-generation Ye Lirong

More than 17 years of technical precipitation and industry accumulation, 800+ domestic and foreign inventions and utility model patents in the field of cleaning robots, global top 500 supply chain system, CNAS international standard laboratory, 30,000 square meters of intelligent manufacturing factories, in full swing The 260,000-square-meter high-end R&D and manufacturing base in China, one out of every four sweeping robots exported during the peak period comes from Yinxing Intelligence, the leader of the new clean lifestyle of “daily cleaning”…
Precipitation is strength.
As a private brand incubated by Yinxing Intelligence, within INXNI, it is imminent.

The new focus track, breaking the roll is more important than breaking the lap

In the past year, consumers’ attention to clean home appliances has increased significantly, and the clean electrical industry has entered an unprecedented period of vigorous development.
In terms of the market, according to data from Aowei Cloud, the omni-channel retail sales of cleaning appliances in 2021 will be 30.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 28.9%, of which sweeping robots account for 38.8%, making it the largest sub-category of the cleaning track.
In terms of capital, there will be more than 10 financing events in the smart cleaning industry in 2021, and the pursuit of 3.6 billion C round financing will refresh the financing record in the field of small household appliances in 2021;
In terms of products, the well-known robot vacuum cleaner brands that occupy the majority of the market share have launched a self-cleaning robot vacuum cleaner at the base station, setting off a “revolution” that “removes hands completely”. Product innovation has pushed the product maturity of the robot vacuum cleaner industry to a new level. .
High market growth, heavy investment of capital, and product iterative innovation are all stimulating competitors to speed up catching up and further intensifying involution. In the new focus of the track, how to stand out among many competing brands, breaking the volume is more important than breaking the circle.

The first test of life of a typical second generation

Ye Lirong, the founder of INXNI, is a typical second generation.
In 2013, 22-year-old Ye Lirong was ordered to take over the company because of his father’s sudden illness.
At that time, the company was facing a dual crisis of business transformation and financial constraints.
The management left, the people were distracted, the complex stalls, the chaotic situation, and faced unprecedented challenges and pressures for the first time in his life, Ye Lirong was at a loss.
The responsibility is heavy, and it cannot be retreated, let alone give up. Only by facing the difficulties and working hard to solve them. After calmly sorting out and analyzing, Ye Lirong decisively adjusted the organizational structure, formed the team and reorganized the business. With an unyielding tenacity, courage to face difficulties, and effective strategies, we finally overcame all difficulties and pulled the company out of the mud.
This is the beginning of the life of the second-generation “overbearing president”.

Unchanged original intention, accumulation of potential energy

After in-depth management of the company, the entrepreneurial heart also sprouted, and the potential energy accumulated in management is ready to be released, just waiting for a suitable opportunity.
Yinxing Intelligent was established in 2005 and is one of the earliest manufacturers in the world to set foot in the sweeping robot industry. Before that, Yinxing Intelligence focused its business on the B-end market. At the same time connecting solution providers, suppliers and customers, Yinxing Intelligence is not only a manufacturing plant, but also a resource integration platform.
Like most traditional manufacturing industries, traditional business models encounter the dilemma of growth bottlenecks, and Yinxing Intelligence is no exception.
Problems such as low resource utilization, low digitalization, and low profit margins need to be solved urgently, and enterprise transformation is imminent.
If a business wants to go further, it must transform.
This time, Ye Lirong’s choice is still firm and resolute.
In 2017, Ye Lirong proposed the industry’s first “OPM” business model and implemented it in the company. At the same time, the company started a comprehensive digital transformation and upgrading.
In just two years, Yinxing Intelligent has transformed from a complete robot vacuum cleaner R&D and manufacturing company to an intelligent, intelligent, intelligent, and comprehensive business that includes R&D and manufacturing of key components, complete machine R&D and manufacturing, and market services for cleaning robots such as sweeping and washing. Platform technology enterprise.
In 2017, in the “337” investigation initiated by irobot, a leading US cleaning robot company, Ye Lirong led the team to respond to the lawsuit for 18 months. Among the 11 companies that were sued, Yinxing Intelligence was the only winning party.
Not lying flat, not giving up, and facing difficulties at critical moments are Ye Lirong’s original intention.
Brave, resourceful, and solid past have created a stable present, and also accumulated potential energy for a future that is ready to fly.

A brand that is practical and innovative

“Users’ thinking makes products”, this is Ye Lirong’s product concept.
In the environment of technology-driven product innovation, product competition once focused on technological innovation, overly advocating the in-depth expansion of technology, and ignoring the in-depth observation of user demand experience.
Ye Lirong believes that technological innovation is not the only criterion for product innovation, and it is not enough to rely solely on technological upgrading to promote product innovation. For users, innovation that can solve problems is effective innovation. Innovation is not to follow the trend of “showing off skills”, but to better serve consumers and truly solve consumers’ pain points.
To understand the user, it is necessary to enter the user.
In the early stage of product definition, Ye Lirong and his team carried out an in-depth user research plan: it took more than 700 days to visit 100+ households in 6 cities, communicate with users one-on-one, and deeply understand user needs and expectations for products. In the end, it was found that the real needs of users are often simple and down-to-earth. That is: a product that solves a problem is a good product.
“Technical upgrades, functional superpositions, and subversive innovations that are out of the user’s needs are only inward rolls. They are the “show-on” self-exaltation in the big battle, which moved me, but failed to impress users.” Ye Lirong said that the original intention within INXNI is to User-oriented, to be a practical and innovative brand.
Volume, not the purpose, what the brand needs to do is to solve the problem for users, to break the volume.
What kind of product to make, INXNI found the answer from the internal users.

Brands have personality

For Ye Lirong, entering the game within INXNI means participating in a fiercely competitive breakout battle. In addition to struggling to catch up, the product has an absolute point of difference. Quickly grabbing the minds of consumers is the key to winning, and it is also the core of the brand strategy.
After more than a month of repeated discussions, Ye Lirong and the team decided to make a young brand, the main audience is 25-35-year-old women who have a taste for life and love.
“These groups of people have higher pursuit and yearning for a better life, and advocate a youthful lifestyle and trendy consumption experience.”
In order to cater to such young groups, Ye Lirong and his team started from creating a beautiful experience, combining technological innovation with technological aesthetics in product design, to create a modern home aesthetic product image that is both in line with the public’s aesthetics and biased towards women’s aesthetics. In terms of product performance, starting from the insight into users’ pain points, making breakthroughs from small to big, returning to people-oriented product services and focusing on product practicality.
In the era of consumption upgrading, a brand is far from enough to have only products. Major brands continue to push new developments in base station self-cleaning sweeping robots, which not only pull in new ones, but also dominate the mainstream consumer market. Ye Lirong and his team put forward the concept of “daily disposable cleaning” to strengthen the brand personality by leading new consumption propositions.
The new “Daily Disposable Sweeping and Mopping Robot X3” within INXNI introduces the concept of “Daily Disposable” to the sweeping robot for the first time, which is a ready-to-use daily disposable mopping cloth and solves two problems at the same time:
No need to wash the mop with dirty hands; no need to buy an expensive base station self-cleaning robot to wash the mop.
The daily disposable cleaning method that simplifies the complexity can better meet the needs of young users in the fast-paced life during the special period of the new crown epidemic: cleaning is simpler and easier.

Break the inherent cognition of the industry, diversify and empower brands

Being assertive, fashionable, loving online surfing, multiculturalism, self-expression, and self-pleasant consumption are all synonymous with youthful lifestyles.
Ye Lirong believes that the choice of a brand by young people in the new consumption era depends more on what kind of personality they want to express, and brand culture is the expression of brand personality.
“To capture the hearts of young people, we must create personalized, niche, and differentiated content that is fresh, fashionable, fun, interesting, and mesmerizing.” Ye Lirong said, INXNI is done from the user’s perspective. content.
For the future development of the brand, Ye Lirong believes that diversification and empowerment of the brand is the core.
Good content is the brand personality conveyed through dialogue with users, arousing further interest and recognition of users.
“INXNI will enrich brand culture and strengthen brand value by co-creating personalized content with KOLs and cross-border joint innovation in the fields of pets, trendy games, and IP co-branding.”
Ye Lirong said that in the future, INXNI will break the inherent cognition of the industry, explore more possibilities, diversify and empower brands, and become a brand that young people love.
The entry of brands within INXNI is bound to completely liberate the hands of consumers who love life and pursue a quiet life, walk through the green mountains and rivers, and sit and watch the clouds.

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