Expert in
home cleaning

Sub-selling point 1

Daily disposable mop Cleaning-free throw away after each use

Innovative daily disposable cloth deep cleaning, the mop is ready to throw, without hand washing and drying. To achieve the mop 80% degradable, so that environmental protection and energy saving.

Sub-selling point 2

Inx-cross self-developed algorithm* Powerful cleaning ability

Intelligent partition capacity +30%, interface clarity +30%, Leakage rate -10%, Collision rate -10%, Real-time online perception of environmental changes, Not disorderly collision, Not leakage, Planning route walking while calculating.

Sub-selling point 3

Sweep Vaccum Mop All finished in one

180min ultra long endurance, one time to fix 250㎡ area, with Symrise 99% antibacterial cleaning liquid

Sub-selling point 4

Sweep Mode or Sweep-Mop at once Up to you from either mode

Sweep mode for pet, with 600ml dust bin, perfect for storing pet hair and dust; Sweep-Mop mode, with 550ml water tank, plus 130ml dust box, cleaning the whole house with one full water tank.

Sub-selling point 5

Strongly press on floor by hands But much more !

Dual mops 150 RPM high speed rotating pressure, no longer stains remain, deeper cleaning ability than manual wipe on floor.

Sub-selling point 6

LDS LiDAR navigation Accurate identification, intelligent mapping

Upgraded LDS laser navigation + infrared anti-drop, Intelligent mapping cleaning path, no matter day or night, Accurate identification. 5 maps storage available, Free to set clean boundaries.